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  419 Advance Fee Fraud Maps
419 Advance Fee Fraud Global Crime Networks Satelite

419 AFF Europe 419 AFF in the Netherlands 419 Advance Fee Fraud Maps. Cities in 69 countries where 419ers, were met - sighted or working, based on records of the 419 Unit at Ultrascan Advanced Global Investigations. Blue balloons - are meant to point out a City, however exact addresses that might show when zooming in to street level are random. Red pushpins - are within a certain City area but at a safe distance. Under construction. Not for official use!

419 AFF NetherlandsWe are still testing, but intend to publish maps for all relevant countries.

The 419 AFF maps are not intended to be complete, but only to show how wide spread 419 AFF is.

However 419 victims that travelled to meet their scammers might be able to retrace their meeting point without going there again.

It takes some time for the maps to completely loaded before you can zoom in to the locations.

419 AFF Amsterdam and surroundingsIf you wish to help us add locations you can send data to scamlocations@ultrascan.nl

However before we publish we need to have collaborative evidence in our own data bases or otherwise.

IP addresses or addresses published by scammers on their fake web sites are not considered as (enough) evidence!

419 AFF Amsterdam satelite

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Google map with 419 AFF scam locations in the World
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Google map with 419 AFF scam locations in The Netherlands
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Google map with 419 AFF scam locations in Belgium
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Google map with 419 AFF scam locations in U.K.
Under construction
Click for  Google map with 419 AFF scam locations in Spain
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419 AFF fake Tax office Amsterdam Daalwijkdreef


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07-03-2009 Zwendelaar Stanford ook witwasser
Ultrascan raakte op het spoor van het witwasschandaal tijdens een onderzoek naar de handel in nepaandelen vanuit de Filippijnen. Volgens woordvoerder Frank Engelsman staat het witwasschandaal geheel los van de fraude van acht miljard dollar die onlangs aan het licht kwam. ''Die zaak is kinderspel vergeleken bij de bedragen die werden witgewassen.''

ZEMBLA We weten alles van u
Gegevens van Nederlandse creditcard houders zijn te koop op Russische criminele sites. Voor vijf dollar per stuk kocht het televisie programma ZEMBLA acht willekeurige ‘personages’: hun namen, huisadressen, e-mailadressen, telefoonnummers en creditcard -gegevens. Met die gegevens heeft ZEMBLA probleemloos aankopen gedaan.

NOS Journaal - Creditcardgegevens te koop op web.
Gegevens van creditcardhouders uit Nederland zijn via internet te koop op Russische websites. Dat meldt Zembla in een uitzending die
zondagavond wordt uitgezonden.

How Nigerian politics affect your inbox
OTTAWA — You may never have heard of Nuhu Ribadu, but you will likely feel the impact now that he has been unceremoniously dumped from his job as head of the Economic and Financial Crime Commission in Nigeria.
Just watch your e-mail inbox.

05 june 2008
BBC uncovers UK-Nigerian scam
The BBC has uncovered evidenScammer traced to his internet shop in londonce that a growing number of Nigerian fraudsters are operating from within the UK.
Victims are promised a lottery win or inheritance but must pay cash up front, which the criminals then keep. Anna Adams reports.

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Alerts and press releases

05-03-2009Report incriminates Stanford Int. Offshore Bank
The report outlines the suspicions, including number of bank accounts, names and account details, that the Stanford International Bank has been involved in an international money laundering scheme of shocking magnitude that has spread its tentacles throughout the world.

12-12-2008 Van Gaststudent tot Cybercrime Miljonair
'Er is genoeg voor iedereen’
Business case scenario van Cyber Criminelen. Het is vrijdag nacht 2 december 2005 in een Zuid-Europese kustplaats. Peter, een 17 jaar oude IT gaststudent, mag voor de eerste keer mee met zijn vrienden om skim-apparatuur te plaatsen op bank automaten in de buurt.

09-11-2008Identiteitsfraude op bestelling
Ultrascan toont in Zembla aan hoe gemakkelijk het is om gestolen creditcardgegevens via het internet aan te schaffen en vervolgens te misbruiken door het aanschaffen van goederen via internet of het cashen van geld bij een ATM

Case study of a high loss victim
John, a PhD graduate who has run his family's wine business, first fell victim to a scam in 2001. Seven years and more than $500,000 later he is still sending money to fraudsters in the hope that one more payment will release the long-promised rewards.

Three Defendants Plead Guilty in Advance-Fee Fraud
WASHINGTON – Three defendants pleaded guilty to federal charges of running an “advance-fee” scheme that targeted U.S. victims with promises of millions of dollars, including money from an estate and a lottery, Assistant Attorney General Alice S. Fisher of the Criminal Division and U.S. Attorney Benton J. Campbell of the Eastern District of New York announced today.
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